Our Products

We pride ourselves in always have new and exciting spirits that you can try in our tasting room. In addition to these staple products you will find exotic spirits and curious barrel projects - come on by and visit us!

Marina Bay Vodka

Our take on vodka is produced from the same base that we use for gin but is made with a different process designed to create an ultra smooth spirit. After double distilling, we deliver a spirit with an unparalleled mouthfeel and hints of its corn and wine roots. We personally designed our one-of-a-kind still and take pride in our hands-on approach to crafting this spirit. This vodka is a testament to our unwavering focus on controlling and perfecting our process from ingredient to glass and our obsession with creating smooth spirits. It works exceptionally well in any vodka-forward cocktail, but it really shines in a Martini with a lemon twist.

Brickyard Cove Silver Rum

We are proud to present our limited edition Batch Zero Silver Rum as the first spirit produced in our still. A modern interpretation of a timeless style, our exceedingly clean fermentation and unique distillation methods make this spirit unlike any other. Our head distiller personally designed our one-of-a-kind still, and takes pride in his hands-on approach to crafting this spirit. This non-compromising approach to quality and precision helps us create a Caribbean-inspired rum that is both classic and wholly unique. Our standout spirits break the mold.

Monterey Pine Gin

This spirit was crafted for our customers who already love gin as well as those who are just starting to explore this style. Smooth and slightly sweet with clean citrus notes, the soft pine fades to rosemary and pepper. This depth of flavor gives way to residual warming and works as a solid base for any mixed drink. This is our everyday gin and a perennial favorite for creating a simple Gin and Tonic with just a touch of fresh lime juice. We love seeing the delight our customers experience when tasting our gin. Sharing that moment, that’s why we founded Dissident Spirits.

Peppercorn Gin

A delightfully balanced and delicate gin created as a celebration of peppercorns from around the world. Pepper, citrus and coriander, gentled by a light sweetness, greet the tastebuds but eventually give way to hints of honeysuckle and juniper that keep on giving. To produce a spirit that can stand on its own and be enjoyed on the rocks, we pulled out all the stops to create our smoothest gin to date. This is our head distiller’s favorite, enjoy it over an ice cube to really let all of its flavors shine.

Collina Ricca Amaro

Collina Ricca is our first foray into producing an amaro. This orange and citrus forward bitter is most commonly consumed by itself as an aperitif or in refreshing cocktails like the Amaro Spritz. Its cloudy, distinctive color foreshadows its rich, complex and vibrant flavor. We focus our unique infusion on balancing a variety of herbs and fruits includin ggentian root, wormwood, cherry bark and citrus zest. This amaro creates a unique depthin any cocktail that has a bitter component—try it with one of our gins for a fresh take on the classic Negroni or with citrus juice and our silver rum.

Tasting Room Only

Barrelhouse Gin

Welcome to one of our most unique accomplishments, our aged gin. Barrel aging our gin adds vanilla, caramel, oak, and smoke notes, creating a truly unique experience. Batch to batch the barrels change as do their specific characteristics. Whatever the history of the barrel, we meticulously customize our distillation to ensure that the final product is balanced and complex. While aged gins are still fairly uncommon, mixologists are starting to leverage them as a unique twist on classic cocktails like the Manhattan and Old Fashioned. We particularly love using gin that has been aged in peated whiskey barrels as the base spirit for a Gin and Tonic creating a truly transformed cocktail.