Kaveri Espresso Liqueur

$ 44.99

Move over Mr. Black, there's a new Espresso Liqueur in town - and it's taking the coffee and spirits world by storm! Introducing Kaveri Espresso Liqueur by Dissident Spirits, the ultimate indulgence for coffee lovers and spirit enthusiasts alike.

Crafted with precision and passion, our barrel-aged liqueur is the result of a perfect partnership between Dissident Spirits and Tanya Rao of Kaveri Coffee Works. We extract the essence of Tanya's handcrafted coffee beans into our Marina Bay Vodka and age it in our exclusive Cypress Point Gold Rum barrels to further refine its flavor profile. The result? A smooth and rich Espresso Liqueur with a bold espresso flavor, infused with hints of rum, vanilla, and buttery oak notes, fading into a deep mocha finish.

But don't just take our word for it - premier retailers in our region can't get enough of our award winningKaveri Espresso Liqueur! They call it one of the best they've ever tasted, with quality, texture, and balance of flavor that blows bigger brands out of the water.